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marching bandIn today’s changing social, economic, technological, and cultural context, how do we facilitate and create the right environment to support learning? How do we help students find their passions, deepen their interests, and apply them to work and career?

We live in an increasingly connected, collaborative and social world, where learning is becoming less and less the domain of a single institution, but rather the result of the collaboration between multiple and diverse organizations, where individuals take ownership of their own learning, and move across spaces, home, school, after school, out of school, work, online and off-line, to find mentors, peers, friends, and teachers that can help them pursue their own interests and passions.

iConnect Beyond the Bell grows out of its work with community groups to make the entire L.A. region a place for learning, extending the learning that takes place in the classroom beyond the school time and the school building, and bringing the learning that takes place outside school back into the classroom.

At iConnect Beyond the Bell, parents can find programs for students that are safe, fun, educational, and free (or low cost); teachers and mentors have easy access to educational resources and supplemental reading materials to enhance the students’ learning experience; students can view learning as an integrated whole, and further their own interests and passions in person and online.

Beyond the Bell invites community organizations throughout the great Los Angeles area to create a shared space that makes learning opportunities visible and accessible to LAUSD students, parents and teachers. For more information, email us at