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Roundhouse Aquarium

LA Museum of Art
Courtesy of Roundhouse Aquarium
Program Description

Learn about what belongs on our beaches and human ocean interactions, including the importance of being good ocean stewards!The Program Includes: aquarium exploration, pollution awareness, animal interaction, animal anatomy and behavior, and beach exploration. Other activities such as food chain dress up and plankton tows can be incorporated based on your needs and your class level. For young students, students with special needs, after school programs, scout troops, special classes, mommy and me groups, and older students with less time for field trips. Scout troops: we can adapt our program to meet your needs and help you earn a badge. Students will learn the importance of taking care of the ocean environment and ways they can help. They will become familiar with some local animals’ anatomy and behaviors.


Our mission is to foster and promote the public study of, and interest in, the oceans, tidelands and beaches of Southern California, the marine life therein, and the impact of human populations on that environment. Located over the Pacific Ocean at the end of the Manhattan Beach pier, the Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium (Roundhouse) serves as O.T.S.'s educational facility.

Recommended Grade Levels





2 Manhattan Beach Blvd.

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266



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