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The International Printing Museum

The International Printing Museum
Courtesy of The International Printing Museum
Program Description

Experience the history of printing from Gutenberg's invention of the Printing Press to the amazing Linotype machine, hear from master printer Benjamin Franklin himself, and try your hand at the craft of bookmaking.


The International Printing Museum, located in Southern California, is a dynamic museum devoted to bringing the history of books, printing, and the book arts to life for diverse audiences. The staff and volunteers make it their mission to take one of the world’s most significant collections of antique printing machinery and interpret it for today’s audiences through working demonstrations and theater presentations.

Recommended Reading

Ben Franklin American Genius by Brandon Miller (grades 4-8)

The Printing Press by Ann Heinrichs (grades 6-8)

Johann Gutenberg and the Amazing Printing Press by Bruce Koscielniak (grades 3-5)

Recommended Grade Levels



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315 W Torrance Blvd

Carson, CA 90745



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