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The Museum of Contemporary Art

Photo by Marissa Roth | Courtesy of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Program Description

MOCA Education believes in the transformative power of art and that art is for everyone. Explore art in a lively, discussion-based tour with MOCA Educators.


We are contemporary.
We question and adapt to the changing definitions of art.
We are a museum.
We present, collect, and interpret the art of our time.
We care for the experience of art, the inevitability of change, the multiplicity of perspectives, the urgency of contemporary expression.

With three distinct venues in Los Angeles—MOCA Grand Avenue, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, and MOCA Pacific Design Center—and Michael Heizer’s seminal artwork Double Negative (1969-70) in the Nevada desert, we engage audiences through an ambitious program of exhibitions, educational programs, and publishing.

We are committed to the collection, presentation, and interpretation of art created after 1940, in all media, and to preserving that work for future generations. We provide leadership in the field by identifying and presenting the most significant and challenging art of our time, actively supporting the creation of new work, and producing original scholarship.

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MOCA Single Visit Orientation Video

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Recommended Reading

Breaking the Rules: What is Contemporary Art? by Susan Goldman Rubin (kids)

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152 N Central Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90012



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